The acclaimed Catan Board Game that was introduced back in 1995 received huge popularity and people loved it tremendously. The concept of expanding an empire by building a settlement and bartering with friends amazed the fans truly. The number of copies sold of the game is around 20 million which indicates how popular it is.

Later on, this game was ported to different platforms including Smartphone and consoles. But, now this Catan Board Game is coming to virtual reality and Oculus Rift, Gear VR will be first to receive this VR game. So, if you have a Gear VR or an Oculus Rift, get ready to enjoy the game in a completely different way.

Settle Of Catan Board Game To Soon Reach Virtual Reality
Settle Of Catan Board Game To Soon Reach Virtual Reality

The VR game developer Experiment 7 along with Catan GmbH, Catan Studio, and Asmodee Digital announced to bring the Catan board game soon by this year which will be simply called as the Catan VR.  Described as True to the classic, but optimized for virtual reality,  this game will allow users to experience the new Catan VR Game in a fresh and fully immersive format.

The game is expected to feature a very beautiful environment and lush where the players will be able to enjoy the island in life for the first time. The game will pit you against the foes and friends, so get ready to enjoy a new experience while building an empire. It will feature both a single player and the multi player component. Also, the users will have access to the cross-play functionality. So, this epic board game can be enjoyed with a friend who has a VR other than you.

The Catan VR game is set to launch this holiday season and will be available on Gear VR and Oculus Rift initially. But later on, it will be available on other VR platforms as well.


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