Technology has generated various aspects of society, along with this progress vulnerabilities also surfaced. Europol – the European police agency has opined that technology is behind all serious crime.

Recently, the 5000 different intercontinental crime groups have been tracked by Europol that has been found in document swindle, money laundering and black marketing on the internet. The agency has informed that this assists them to make up for other destructive crimes.

All'serious crime' stem from Technology - Europol
All ‘serious crime’ stem from Technology – Europol

A current study that Europol carried out says the greater use of technology causes the biggest challenge to the agency.

The broad research of organized crime in the continent located a great range of crime networks, from individual networks to great international groups, whose earning rises to those of great enterprises.

The technology was behind most criminal bodies according to the report. Various crime bodies use cybercrime campaigns, just like ransomware, to make a profit that is required to fund various illegal tasks, just like people and drug trafficking.

The agency also told that gangs were misusing tech to boost traditional crime. For instance, drugs are transported using Drones and burglars are using social media when users are not at their homes.

Growths just like the coming up of the web-based trade in illegal product and services are kept to get a result in appropriate moves in criminal markets according to Wainwright.

Emerging phenomenon such as the online trade in illicit goods and services may eclipse these markets in size and profits in the future.

Said by Wainwright.

He further says that shopping on the internet in the legal economy has had a grand effect on industry models, buying experiences and consumer anticipations.

The report says that this progress has been reflected in the online trade of illegal products as criminals like a legal businessman, remain in quest of chances on the internet to make progress in the businesses.


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