Sephora is one of the most popular and loved makeup brands. One of the major reasons behind its huge success is its timely upgrading to the modern trends. The makeup brand has joined multiple other companies in recognizing the importance of augmented reality (AR) in the future of beauty and fashion industry. Sephora Virtual Artist was introduced by the makeup retailers this week.

It came as an update to its current iOS app. The virtual artist allows the user to try the makeup on, check various shades of the product without having to actually visit the outlet. This means the user can simply try the makeup on as AR, and directly purchase the item through the App.

Sephora Introduces Virtual Artist with AR
Sephora Introduces Virtual Artist with AR

This feature was developed by an AR company ModiFace in partnership with Sephora. ModiFace works on the principal of face detection; it scans your face, notes the placement of your features and allows you to try various looks by applying makeup on them.

The face detection algorithm only identifies the position of lips and eyes. This means the users are only allowed to try makeup on their lips and eyes. The app allows the users to try on various lip colors available by Sephora, eye shadows, and false lashes. If the user likes the look, they can directly purchase the items from the App. Another interesting part of the app allows the users to enjoy “virtual tutorials”.

These tutorials are quite interesting since they’re quite helpful in makeup techniques like contouring, applying highlighter the right way, applying winged eyeliner and other makeup tips. The tutorial is given based on the user’s face. According to user’s view, many were not impressed with the virtual makeup.

They claimed that they were not convinced of the looks and would still prefer to go to the store to try the makeup on. However, they were delighted to see tutorials that could actually improve their makeup skills.


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