We tend to share most of our files in PDF format. You do have the option to secure the document with a password but how safe is it? Each one of us is aware of the online insecurities. Securing important documents has become difficult because of the many tools that help in recovering documents, freely available online. With time and help the encrypted document can be opened and shared without your consent.

Keeping this in mind the developers of Secret PDF created this special tool which lets you open and read the PDF document only on the computer that has been specified in its instructions.

Secret PDF

Important Features of Secret PDF:

  • A local key is generated by the program which is used to identify a specific computer. The PDF can then be accessed only after the verification of the key.
  • The permitted readers can only view the content. Built-in PDF Viewer restricts users from printing, converting, editing or copying the content.
  • The application uses Random and RSA encryption algorithms making it almost impossible to crack the password.
  • You can convert all types of Adobe PDF document there is no extra step needed for converting to a Secret PDF.
  • The encrypted document cannot be opened on devices that haven’t been authorized.
  • Once an Adobe PDF has been converted to a Secret PDF it cannot be converted to other formats such as Excel or Word.
Secret PDF
Secret PDF

How Does it Work:

Step 1: When someone requests to access a PDF document the user needs to generate a local key on the computer that they are using before the authorization. This local key is nothing but identification of the device. Only the certain specified computer can open and read the PDF.

Step 2: When the PDF owner receives the key from the user who wants to access the PDF he or she will begin the process of authorization. The user then encrypts the document and locks the computer of the user. The new key is safeguarded by AES encryption and random algorithms technology. The key is then exported to anew txt file.

Step 3: The PDF owner then sends across the new key to the user who uses the built-in PDF viewer to access the document after entering the key that the PDF owner has sent. The user, however, can only read the document.

What Devices are Compatible?

  • The program works perfectly with all desktops, tablets, laptops, and convertibles that have Windows Operating System.
  • The device should be running Windows version 7 upwards, Windows Vista or Net 4.0 upwards.
  • The system should have a processor Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz or higher.
  • A minimum of 256 MB RAM should be present and a free disk space of 50 MB is required.

Final Verdict:

The Secret PDF is an excellent software to use especially when there is so much insecurity around. It is a perfect way to handle and protect important documents that need to be shared with specific people only. What is best about Secret PDF is that it is free to download and use.

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