You must have heard the game Secret Of Mana from the developer Square Enix which is called as one of the best RPG game so far. The RPG lovers must have played this game at least once and its success has inspired the developer to remaster the game. Secret Of Mana, the original game made use of the action based battle system including menus of magic and items instead of the very traditional turn-based battle system and this is what made the game really interesting.

The game has received various improvements in the remake. And here is a brief idea of the game.

The Secret Of Mana Remake
The Secret Of Mana Remake

Secret Of Mana is all about an orphan boy called Randi who suddenly discover the ancient Mana sword from a stone. This is the sword that is meant to protect the village and as soon as he pulls the sword from the stone, the monsters start attacking the village. Randi then jumps into an adventure to discover that why he received the sword and all the story behind the monsters.

During the adventure, he meets two new characters Popoi and Primm who help Randi in the whole adventure.

The game includes several dungeons and most of the time of adventure, it will require you to fight with monsters and going through the dungeons to face a boss. Every single dungeon has a set path and a trick that should be tracked in order to go ahead in the game. As you press the attack button once, the press gauge raises to 100% so as to indicate when next time players can attack at full force.

The game lets you choose several weapons and you can also upgrade them over time.

The secret of Mana is really very complex while you will find yourself deeply related with it sometimes. The game can be enjoyed best when you play with friends. Anyways, the game can be played solo as well.

You can choose the new or old soundtrack anything while the option to choose either English or Japanese audio is also provided.

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