Android apps are a popular way to have some fun and increase your well-being, and with the holidays underway, the timing is perfect. Boosting positivity, mental focus and mindfulness are trending topics in Android app development. As usual, Google app developers strive to be in the buzz if not ahead, and with the recently released Santa Tracker app update, they are just in time to add to the virtual holiday cheer.

The past versions of the cheerful holiday app have already collected kudos from users, and this year’s newest fans are equally delighted with the Santa Snap and the mega virtual snowball fight additions. You can get the latest Santa Tracker release from the Google Play Store, the App Store, or just access it from your web browser.

Santa Tracker: The Best of Christmas in Android App Development
Santa Tracker: The Best of Christmas in Android App Development

However, there is a special (holiday surprise?) gift only for Android users – the Santa Snap feature can be used only from Android-friendly devices. The fun game lets you fly across the globe on an elf’s back and take your selfies in exciting regions and attractive holiday destinations. Following announcements, less photogenic and more competitive Android users can start warming up to win that infamous worldwide snowball fight.

While everyone is waiting to see what’s up with that, there are plenty of the classic features you can explore till the Christmas countdown, and Google is relentlessly working to bring something new into the mix every day. Santa Tracker counts down days and tracks the number of gifts the virtual Santa delivers up to the big day itself. While on the countdown wild ride, you can pick up tips about various holiday traditions from around the world. Talking about a fun and educational way to make Android app development work its magic in the Christmas spirit!

A new mini-game or a new feature unlocks every day in the Santa Village. It’s up to you to log in daily and see where this leads you until the night of 24 December. If you are by any chance a pro android app developer, the challenges in the Code Lab and the Code Boogie may be just too simple for you. Still, no one can blame you if you feel comfortable in the area and spend most of your time there! There is so much more to discover in the weeks ahead and Google’s Android app development team for sure know how to build up the excitement!

Don’t forget that Google Assistant is “on call” to let you know Santa’s travel plans as long as you speak the OK, Google language. During holidays, kids are not the only ones to have the best time of their lives, and here is a guilt-free way to share some of the entertainment.

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