Samsung has decided to procure Viv, AI, and an assistant whose co-founders are Adam Cheyer, Dag Kittlaus and Chris Brigham who also happen to be the creators of Siri, which was procured by Apple back in 2010. The three co-founders left Apple and founded Viv in 2012.

Viv has known to be a more powerful version of Siri. The company will function independently while providing their services to Samsung.

Samsung To Procure Viv: A Next-Gen AI Assistant Built By The Creators Of Apple’s Siri
Samsung To Procure Viv: A Next-Gen AI Assistant Built By The Creators Of Apple’s Siri

There are two significant features in Viv the first one is that it is interconnected and the second one is Viv’s back-end systems is programmatic. With the help of ‘breakthroughs’ in program synthesis the AI can write its own code and complete new tasks. Viv denotes to this as ‘dynamic program generation which permits Viv to comprehend the intention of the user and develop programs to manage the tasks, even if it is a new one.

Disrupt NY Conference is where the system was first given a live demo at the beginning of this year.

Kittlaus said, all the developers need to do is describe what they want to do instead of writing it and from an experience of their own.

To a question asked to Kittlaus why they chose Samsung, he said that the company shipped about 500 million devices every year, and then stressed about their goal to be present everywhere.

He also highlighted the situation if the current market and their desire to expand their business which elicited them to join hands with Samsung.

With Apple in possession of Siri and Google giving Samsung a direct competition with Google Assistant, Samsung’s prospects look bright when owns the hardware.

With Viv by side Samsung, it will be able to unravel and provide new service experiences to its consumers, and ones which simplify the user interface and comprehend the perspective of the user and provide them with the best ideas.