After much anticipation, on 29th March 2017, Samsung finally announced its new flagship: the Samsung Galaxy S8. It had been under development for the past three years, it was given the codename “Dream”.

This is because Samsung had, for many years now, wanted to finally break free of the opinion that the market had about it: that it was second to Apples iPhones. In fact, many have perceived the Samsung Galaxy S line of flagship phones as responses to Apple’s innovative originals, even though that has not always been the case.

Samsung to Strike Back With the Galaxy S8
Samsung to Strike Back With the Galaxy S8

In the past, Samsung has tried quite a number of different software and services in its phone. These include camera, music, video and interface features, almost all of which were not received well.

With the new Bixby AI, however, Samsung wishes to change the past. This happens to Samsung’s most ambitious and innovative software yet. Most AIs, such as those of Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Apple, scour the web and provide information about the subject questioned by the user, Samsung’s Bixby adds a new layer of interface onto its devices.

Bixby is termed a “bright sidekick” by Samsung as it will compliment other services and help make the devices more usable. The Samsung Galaxy S8 also improves the hardware of the lineup. It now has more screen on the front with less bezel, which is what most people want.

The company already knows that people want bigger screens and not bigger phones as they can get too cumbersome. For Samsung, the Note 7 issue was a major blow to its success last year and it needed to recover from it badly. Not only that, but it had to make sure that no more batteries went exploding.

To that end, they have worked hard on making more reliable batteries and using them in more efficient manner. Samsung also know that simply making good looking phones won’t do, they have to practical. The company hopes to achieve all these things with its new flagship.


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