According to a report, Samsung is planning to launch the refurbished smartphones program by early 2017 which will sell the used version of premium devices. Apple too has the same refurbished program where Apple sells all kind of refurbished products, so those who can’t afford to buy a branded new one, can go for the refurbished one at a great discount.

Now Samsung is following the same footstep to sustain their earnings momentum.

Samsung Is Reportedly Planning To Sell The Refurbished Smartphones
Samsung Is Reportedly Planning To Sell The Refurbished Smartphones

Samsung will refurbish all the high-end phone returned to them by the users who have signed up for one-year upgrade program in the US or South Korea or else those who want to upgrade to a new version. The company will then re-sell all these refurbished devices to the interested users. However other details on the discount, in which market the refurbished devices will be sold out or else anything about the extent of alternation in the used devices is not disclosed yet. Even though most of the times the company keep on changing the battery or casing to refurbish a device, but Samsung did not say anything on it.

Apple has captured a good share of the market by introducing their refurbished program and they normally target the areas in India where the average price of Smartphone sold are in $90. Apple’s resale value of their product is 69% of the original price.

Samsung too can widen their presence in a country like India through this refurbished program where hardly any buyers can go for high-end devices costing more $800. Samsung’s latest premium devices are Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7 which is well accepted and praised by people a lot. But they are priced heavily while Galaxy S7 would cost $792 the other one is priced at $864. But if those devices are sold after refurbishing, those version would become even more popular.


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