Samsung has an unquestionable gigantic presence in the smartphone space, and their excitement is quite clear with its outrageously expensive Galaxy Note 8. Previously this month the company made an accidental leak and now Samsung has taken a one step further and have decided to publicly promote the massive and newly designed, Galaxy Note 8.

The details came out this week as the company sent official invites for the press launch of its newest and, debatably the most imperative smartphone till date. However, what’s more, surprising is that Samsung chose to let slip two of the biggest talking points of this phone.

Samsung Makes It Official, The Galaxy Note 8 Is Indeed Gigantic
Samsung Makes It Official, The Galaxy Note 8 Is Indeed Gigantic

Mammoth Size

Earlier, according to the some of the credible sources of the company, the Galaxy Note 8 was to be the largest first-rate smartphone Samsung has ever created, with a mammoth 6.3-inch display. And now, Samsung has made known its official motto for the press launch as “Do Bigger Things“. It is a nice way to make people believe in a display size that might first appear to be a little disconcerting.

Entirely New Design

Even though a smartphone with 6.3-inch display is evidently a huge device, what will reduce its enormous size impression is that company has switched the range to the just about bezel-less Infinity Display which has been used in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus as well.

So, yes, the Galaxy Note 8 is a massive phone. However, it is also a phone comprising ofa little more squared bezel, a possible last minute design change that was leaked this week.

Price Hurdle

Despite all its attractive features, the main problem Samsung is facing is to convince buyers to pay the colossal price which is estimated to start at $1,100. The Galaxy Note fanatics may even agree to pay the price. Nonetheless, the question still stands, have Samsung finally decided to reach for the sky by asking too much? Well, it won’t be long before we find out what people think.


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