In late 2016, Samsung announced it would dispose of all the recalled Note 7 units. The units of this device were recalled due to them catching fire and/or exploding. Back then Samsung said it had no intention of repairing or refurbishing even as single Note 7.

The company spokesman stated: “We have a process in place to safely dispose of the phones”. Due to this statement, many protests sprung up against the Korean tech giant, demanding that the procedure for disposal be revealed. Many were concerned with the environmental impact of this disposal.

The Samsung Note 7 to Return as a Refurbished Device
The Samsung Note 7 to Return as a Refurbished Device

However, now in March 2017, it seems as if things have changed. Samsung has announced that it plans to bring back the Note 7 as a refurbished device rather than disposing of it. This comes as a result of the interference by Greenpeace protestors, demanding to know how Samsung would dispose of the recalled units, during the company’s time at the Mobile World Congress.

There are 3 ways Samsung wishes to perform the new task: it will salvage any usable components such as cameras and sensors, it will extract the metal from the devices with help of eco-friendly third party organizations and to sell the refurbished devices wherever possible.

The refurbished devices are said to have smaller batteries, so as to avoid the overheating and exploding issues that caused the entire problem in the first place. Samsung has stated that the only intent of introducing refurbished devices is to help minimize its impact, and that of the practices it follows, on the environment.

The new device may even get renamed, so as to avoid bringing up any links to the Note 7. It will be available for purchase and rent with help of local service providers and carriers. A total of 4.3 million devices were recalled and the usable ones of the bunch will remake their way into the market.


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