High-tech batteries made of lithium-ion, supplying power to our nearly all devices, can be a big risk. Has Samsung Note 7 issue directed the manufacturing to make life more secure?

The two major strikes by Samsung are when it introduced and then reintroduced its Note 7 gadget when it was discovered to have batteries causing fire and overheat issue.

How Samsung Note 7 mess may be good for everyone
How Samsung Note 7 mess may be good for everyone

Not many, just a few incidents (with only one serious off all) related to the overheating of the battery caused Note 7 officially banned from all American flights/airlines. Probably an overreaction, but the consumers got the idea that rechargeable gadgets might be dangerous.

The company had to bear tons of loss because not only this, the other category-leading devices got off the market.

But it also unveiled a much more serious issue with modern battery technology and fast-charging facility by various companies. Actually, there were many other companies with this battery problem but remained less visible.

There are several kinds of damages made by battery overheating like peripheral damage, battery explosions, injury, and property damage and even burning down whole buildings.

This is an industry spread issue that is because of the risks of chemical reactions in advanced battery designs that don’t operate securely for design flaws, over charging, over battery drains or just designing defects. Safer manufacturing of batteries is still a research.

Samsung Note 7 Battery Issues

Back to Samsung Note 7 battery issues! The company joined hand with TUV Rhineland (globally recognized testing firms) to find out the actual base of the problem. They examined hardware, software, weak points in the battery design, manufacturing defects and other potential causes leading to the issue.

This stage of painstaking testing led the company to make an 8-point battery testing for each of their future product. Samsung plans to plainly share this ever-more-exhaustive battery test findings and the fresh battery excellence procedure with all industry components.

Chemistry of Battery Manufacturing

The industry always took the problem from consumer-level and did not work to give a solution to the core of the chemistry of battery manufacturing, charging processes and environmental factors.

Consequently, Samsung has been successful in the most far-reaching battery testing and QA procedure ever taken on by a phone firm. If the remaining industry uses the exhaustive test and implies the process for quality battery, we are sure to have a safer future with high-tech battery empowered devices.


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