Samsung might be looking at the LG Chem’s manufacturing ability and capabilities for battery supplies for the new and upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone, as the company looks to run away from the disaster they faced with the Galaxy Note 7 batteries.

For those who don’t know, or don’t regularly read the news, the Samsung Note 7 devices had some faulty batteries on them which made the devices catch fire and be prone to explosions, especially after or during a charging period.

Samsung might go to LG Chem to get a battery supply
Samsung might go to LG Chem to get a battery supply

Some sources familiar with the matter said that there were hints that Samsung was looking at negotiations with LG Chem so that they could secure a battery flow and partnership for their next premium phone which they can’t afford to have anything go wrong with.

At the moment, Samsung has been using power sources which were created by one of their sister companies, which is known as the Samsung SDI, together with the Chinese manufacturer, ATL.

Samsung Negotiating With LG Chem

From the total number of fault Note 7 batteries, even those which did not have faulty batteries, 70 percent of them were made by the SDI, and the other 30 percent were made by ATL. Reports quoted a Samsung executive who said that the company was looking at diverse suppliers for batteries and LG Chem was part of them.

Samsung Recalled Note 7 Phones

When Samsung recalled the Note 7 phones the first time, it seemed like the problem was with the SDI supply of batteries, but as the recalled phones also suffered some mishaps it turned out that the ATL supply was also prone to explosions and fires. Because of all the reports they received about the phones, Samsung finally decided to cease production of the Note 7 phone.

The rumors about Samsung outsourcing the battery supply to LG were first reported after the first recall of the Note 7 phones, but people close to the deal said that they were still in talks over the deal.


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