Samsung is all set to reveal its next Smartwatch Gear S3 in the upcoming IFA Electronics show 2016 in Germany. The launch date is mentioned as 31st August, so only a few more days and we will be able to have a real glance at Gear S3. This launch event has been put up by Samsung itself on their Twitter account that reveals the date of launching event.

The event will be kick started at 6.00 PM CEST or else at 9.30PM IST and we all can enjoy the launch event in Samsung website through live streaming.

Samsung To Launch Gear S3 At The IFA Electronics Show On 31st August
Samsung To Launch Gear S3 At The IFA Electronics Show On 31st August

Gear S2 is the most recent version of Samsung Smartwatch that was unveiled by the Korea-based giant company just a year back in September 2015. Gear S3 is the successor of Gear S2 that will carry more or less the same design structure probably. Gear S2 has a circular design with a rotating bezel so as to navigate through the UI and physical buttons located on the sides are used to select or go back.

The Speculation About Gear S3, Samsung Plans to Bring 3 Versions

Gear S3 too will retain the circular design with the rotating bezel, however, there will be some additional new sensors such as barometer, speedometer, altimeter, onboard GPS etc. While GPS will help you track your location and movement, the barometer will alert you about the down pressure and storm warning.

Gear S2 came in two versions first, Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic while one more option was added later on to include Apple’s gold and silver edition. The speculation about Gear S3 is, Samsung is planning to bring it in three versions. Any more details on the upcoming Smartwatch is not available yet. However, no more waiting now , just stay tuned and enjoy the launch event online at your convenience to gather all the information.