Samsung’s Gear VR, designed by Oculus and Samsung, is one of the major Virtual Reality (VR) headsets available on the market. One of the first commercial headset designed for use with mobiles, it has helped advance development and general interest in this new platform. It provides real power and great interactivity. With 5 million units sold, it is second only to Google’s Cardboard VR. However, even though the device has been very successful, it does have a major issue with its control system. This will, however, change come 21st April 2017, when the Gear VR will get a new VR Controller to go along with the headset.

The new Gear VR controller will help provide users with a new way to input commands and interact with objects in the virtual world. The headset will still remain the same. The Gear VR trackpad will now become clickable, back and home buttons will be side by side and volume will be adjusted with a flat strip in the middle of the controller.

Samsung Gear gets a VR Controller
Samsung Gear gets a VR Controller

The controller will have limited motion sensing capabilities, however, it can still point at objects and be used to make simple gesture commands. The new controller is as good looking as it is a good feeling. The controller is made from black plastic and is poorly designed, to the point where it is actually ugly.

However, it I still agronomical and easy on the hands. It will help players as now they won’t have to control the device from an awkward position. Feedback from the hand is also a welcome addition.

The new Samsung Gear VR will cost $129 for the headset and the controller, where it previously cost $99 for the headset alone. The controller can be bought separately for $39 by those who already own a Gear VR headset.


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