Some of the best smartphones have been produced by Samsung in recent years, it is expected that by the year 2017, Samsung will once again be launching its cutting edge phone known as Samsung Galaxy S8.

Everyone knows that S7 will be launched in the year 2016, however, once it is launched you will soon be hearing the news and specs revealed of Samsung Galaxy8 as well.


It is expected that the Galaxy S8 will be comprised of a camera which will be having a rear shooter of 30 megapixels, the display is expected to be of 4k which will surely improve the quality of video playback and pictures. It has also been predicted that the front snapper will be of 9 megapixels. Some rumors have also come about the 3D camera effect but seem that this will be left to the user’s choice.

The processor will be of 820, the RAM will be 6GB, both the processor and the RAM will facilitate in enhancing the experience of the user. The size of the display is expected to be 5.2” or 5.4”. According to some of the rumors the resolution of the phone could be 7680 x 4320, however, this is not possible in the case Samsung Galaxy S8.

Some other features of the smartphone are that it is waterproof, dustproof and is also equipped with the eye scanner. The release date of the phone expected to be the year 2017, no fixed date has been given so far.


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