Samsung Galaxy S8 with its awesome features has been a much awaiting Smartphone. The makers of Galaxy S8 are going to launch their wonder product on February 28, 2017. This special device is going to be the world’s best Smartphone in the Samsung field.

Rumors of Galaxy S8 have made it most stylish cell phone by using gleaming folding technology and nearly all advanced features.

Samsung Galaxy S8, much awaiting Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S8, much awaiting Smartphone

Smart Watch

A number of key fractures are going to become a magnet for the users. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a smart watch in it which is constantly synchronized through the machine and the device can be controlled by remote from begging to the end. This kind of features will increase the attractiveness and quality of gadget. It is a mobile phone with its most slim and smart body looks awesome when compared to other Smartphones.


The Samsung S8 has a display of 5.2 inches. It has enhanced the screen resolution skill for 4k display with a marvelous user interface. The device has 4096 x 2160 pixels of resolution which provide the outstanding HD video quality. With the amazing touch screen, it also has a resistant from water and scratch.


Samsung Galaxy S8 appears with an interesting camera result. It has a 30mp camera at back and 12 mp camera at the front with LED flash, might be the best camera quality with dazzling features like geotagging, smile detection, face identification and some more wonderful features. The classy feature of the device is that it has got a dual camera, which is the most significant edition when judged against Samsung S7. The Smartphone has a much-improved camera, that’s why it has become a much smarter mobile phone.


The Samsung S8 has 64/128 storage capacity and has a dual slot for a memory card as an external memory. This device can sport up to 256 GB which provides a massive mass storage to the user. The much interesting thing is that, as it has internal storage read and write speed up to 500mpbs, making transferring of data very faster from the external devices.


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