Samsung might be looking to put all their weight on the yet to be seen AI assistant which would help them sell their new and upcoming generation of the Galaxy smartphones. One report which was released by the Wall Street Journal noted that the South Korean company was now considering the addition of a dedicated button for the service which would be used for the next year Galaxy S8.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 with AI button might be delayed to April
The new Samsung Galaxy S8 with AI button might be delayed to April

The report from the WSJ said that the latest internal prototypes which were in the premium Galaxy S8 handset which would include the button on the side edge of the nee smartphone. This would them be used to launch a beefed up virtual assistant on the phone, the report notes. The report also cautioned that prototypes would probably not be deemed final and would be probable to change.

The news is also a follow up from the Reuters media agency which noted that the AI assistant which the company is working would be worked on the Galaxy smartphone. The AI assistant is also doing to be used on the home appliances and wearables from the company.

The South Korean company acquired the Viv Labs company earlier this year. Viv Labs was a startup which was created by the original creators of the popular AI assistant used on the best phone, the iPhone. It is assumed that the new technology which Samsung will use will be based on the technology on Siri. Samsung has not detailed what their AI assistant would have as its features but it was significantly different from the competitors own and would be able to work with various third party services.

The Samsung executive Vice President, Rhee Injong, noted at a briefing that developers would be able to attach and upload their services to the agent, and also at the same time the agent would be able to learn more new services and them also provide them with ease to end users.

The Wall Street Journal said that Samsung fans might have to wait for a while before the next Galaxy flagship phone from the company. The report indicated that Samsung might release their new phone as late as April.


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