Samsung aims to move on from the horror of the year 2016 by releasing a new flagship phone next year in April with the Samsung Galaxy S8. And thankfully for all the Samsung fans out there, some leaked information regarding the phone have started coming out and it’s enough to make them get excited.

Information which is coming out at the moment shows that the South Korean giant is expected to release two versions of the phone, the Galaxy S8, and the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S8, Expected to feature 8 GB RAM and UFS 2.1 storage
Samsung Galaxy S8, Expected to feature 8 GB RAM and UFS 2.1 storage

More information coming out of from the leaks is that the smartphone maker will also double the RAM and at the same time a faster storage chip. One prominent leader of most Samsung products who goes by the name, Ice Universe suggested that the Galaxy S8 will probably have a feature of the 8GB RAM, and will also include a newer UFS 2.1 flash storage chip.

Earlier leaks had suggested that the phone would sport a 6GB RAM and would have up to 256 GB of storage. However, Qualcomm has already announced that they are upgrading the Snapdragon 835 processing chipset and it will most likely be used in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung is also expected to make a variant of the device which will feature an Exynos 8895 processor.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features 5.1″ Curved Display

In most cases, the standard variant of the Galaxy S8 usually features the 5.1-inch curved display, and the rumored Galaxy S8 Plus will have a 6-inch curved screen. Rumors are also indicating that the Galaxy S8 Plus will also feature a dual rear facing camera setup.

The company is also expected to make use of its own AI digital assistant which would compete with the Apple’s Siri platform and Google’s Assistant. The phone is expected to feature the Android 7.0 Nougat and will also have the Samsung Experience user interface.


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