The New York City launch event of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is just a few days away and we already have an official leaked image of the smartphone. Evan Blass posted a crisp picture of Note 8 on Twitter. The smartphone is rumored to be launched on August 23.

The picture clearly seems to have been obtained by a senior official of Samsung, maybe from the marketing section. Leaks sure seem to work especially when it comes to the market of smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked Image
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked Image

These leaks somehow seem to be controlled by the company which of course seems to be for publicity. The actual leaked pictures are usually hazy taken under poor lighting conditions but this one clearly seems to be a media publicity campaign.

The edge-to-edge Infinity Display technology of the Galaxy Note S8 gives the smartphone a gigantic look. It has been designed to fit in the frame which gives it a big look, the bezels are hardly present.

Exciting News of Galaxy Note 8

The release of Note 8 comes as exciting news for the Samsung fans especially after the failure of Note 7. Samsung is definitely under pressure to win back the confidence of some lost customers who were quite unhappy about the exploding batteries of Note 7. There isn’t much that is known about the smartphone but that it has a big screen and will feature dual cameras.

Samsung’s Note 8 is likely to face competition from LG, the company is launching its V30 and would feature an AMOLED panel and there are possibilities it may have a curve too. Another competitor is Huawei who have their Mate 10 in the queue for launch. The Mate 10 is also rumored to have edge-to-edge almost bezel-less design.

The Pixel 2 from Google is tipped to be sexy and finally, there is Apple’s iPhone 8.

There would be more.


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