Samsung revealed Galaxy Note 7 during the last year which created big storm due to its faulty battery and this has made many customers to witness an explosion of their new Galaxy Note 7 device. This has compelled the company to discontinue that device. As a result the company witnessed great downfall, however, things are moving in the right direction now with the launch of their brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus early this year. And now the company is all set to launch the next version of Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 this fall.

But we have already managed to garner some details about its features. A recent report from the South Korean media confirmed that the Note 8 will sport a dual camera. So, this will be the first Samsung Smartphone to feature a dual camera. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus that have been released early this year were reported to have dual pixels back camera but they sport only one lens.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Feature Dual Camera
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Feature Dual Camera

Note 8 will maintain the same display ratio of 18.5:9 as the Galaxy S8 devices. The display size of Note 8 is said to be similar to the Galaxy S8 Plus. The latest Samsung Note will also feature an S pen.

Galaxy Note 8 Fingerprint Scanner

Nothing about the design part is been confirmed and there is no news on the position of fingerprint scanner also. Samsung had placed the fingerprint scanner on the back side next to the camera in Galaxy S8 devices while they also removed the physical home button. But this position of fingerprint scanner was not been liked by the users as it created great difficulties.

So, it is expected that the same position will not be followed for the Galaxy Note 8 and it is heard that the Fingerprint scanner will be embedded on the display. However, Samsung is currently on the final stage of design, so it will be unveiled in a short while.

Screen Size

The screen size of Note 8 will be no doubt larger than Note 7 and according to report, Note 8 will have 0.6 inch larger screen than Note 7 while it will be around 0.1 inches larger than the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.


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