It is not confirmed yet that when Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be actually released in the market, however, speculations are that this much-awaited phone will be released in August 2016, the speculation is based on the fact that Note 5 was also released the last august hence analogically Note 6 should be released in August, however if it comes earlier then don’t be surprised as there are chances that the phone may get released before august 2016, so early release is very much a possibility.

It is being predicted that the phone will have a RAM of 6GB; well if this is the case then surely this RAM is 50% faster than the previous RAM used in Note 5.  It is also speculated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be having a display of 5.7 inches again this display is much enhanced, then the previous phones released by Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be coming with a 6 GB Ram which will make the phone much powerful, the resolution will be the 4K resolution. Since nowadays people are fonder of selfies hence the Samsung will surely try to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the camera. It is predicted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be having a camera of 30 megapixels, this 30 megapixels will be the primary camera, as compared to it the front camera will be 16 megapixels, and this camera will surely enhance the selfie experience for the people using the camera.


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