Samsung has started working on the launch of their renowned Note-Series. The 6th model of Samsung Galaxy Note would be available soon in the markets. However, few of its specs have been disclosed with the rumors of the release date. The Note 6 would be Dust-Proof, Water Proof and packed with IRIS Scanner.

These only three specs have been disclosed by the company. However, there are no updates about the in-depth features of this phablet. Like the success of the previous flagship, it is being assumed that this device would also make a mark.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Release Date Speculations And Specs
Samsung Galaxy Note 6: Release Date Speculations And Specs

The tech analysts have also predicted few specs of this phablet. Revealing only three features is considering as a promotional strategy of the company.

It has been done by Samsung to let people remember these three features and also tell others. The traditional time of releasing Note-Series is the Autumn Season. However, it is being said that Samsung is all set to launch this phablet in the upcoming autumn.

It is expected that price of this phablet would be 1063 Euros or 1200 USD. However, there is still no evidence and a trusted source that can reveal actual to-be-price of this device.

According to few sources, it is also said that “Note 6 would be a massive hit”. Let’s see whether this flagship would live to the people’s expectations or not. All in all, the previous Note-Series of Samsung have got an overwhelming response that is also being expected again with it.


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