Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. declared that there are over 1 million people globally who are using Galaxy Note 7 without any of the problems reported earlier.

September 2, this year Samsung globally recalled 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones because some of the batteries of the flagship caught fire. The status quo was excruciating for a company like Samsung who has been tough competition to other companies and has always prided itself when it comes to quality.

1 Million People Were Using Galaxy Note 7 With A Safe Battery
1 Million People Were Using Galaxy Note 7 With A Safe Battery

According to the analysts, besides staining its image the recall would be an immense cost to the company as it could go up to billions of dollars.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. stated that the Galaxy Note 7 phones which were officially sold on September 1, 2016, had a different battery than that of those that were recalled.

Many users in China reported that after the reports of Note 7 catching fire, the giant smartphone manufacturing company has been shut out while their market shares have also fallen from the top five.

Samsung expressed regret to its customers in a statement published on its China website for failing to provide an exhaustive clarification to why the smartphones that are being sold in China are completely safe because a different supplier provided the batteries than that of the ones that were overheating.

Samsung also said that the new Galaxy Note 7 products which have been exchanged in the foreign markets are also using the same batteries to the ones that were supplied and used in the Chinese version.

The company also promised to take all the reports of faulty batteries catching fire, seriously and has also had examinations done on these devices. Samsung concluded by saying that the batteries of the phones which caught fire were not faulty. It said that their verdict was supported by a third-party testing.


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