Samsung produces some good phones and for me, that is not something I love saying because I’m an avid Apple fan, but the recent Galaxy Note 7 fire trend which happened has tainted the company’s reputation.

Two recalls later, the Note 7 is now officially canceled and on US flights, it is banned. Now Samsung has to deal with the fallout from the disastrous device. Of course, some Samsung Note 7 owners suffered some property damage as a result of the Note 7s burst, and according to reports, these owners aren’t so happy at the moment at the treatment from Samsung.

Samsung does not want to compensate customers for property damage from Galaxy Note 7 fires
Samsung does not want to compensate customers for property damage from Galaxy Note 7 fires

In Illinois, a Samsung Note 7 burst into flames in John Barwick’s house, and according to him, he said that a meter long fire was unleashed. According to Barwick, the Note 7 actually spread some chemicals on the bed, mattress, curtains and the carpet that were in the room, and he says according to estimates the damage may well be over $9,000. Because of this, Barwick contacted Samsung to tell his story and was referred to the Samsung Fire and Marine insurance company.

The insurance division of the smartphone giant apparently told Barwick that they were not going to pay for the actual costs of the damaged materials but rather the depreciated value.

Talking to reporters, Barwick said that in his own opinion, Samsung was just more concerned about getting their phone back rather than help people. He said that he had told them that he would allow them to inspect the damaged property to show authenticity and was not going to give over the Note 7 easily before compensation.

Barwick is not the only one complaining about the situation as other stories relating the same message have also emerged. Shawn Minter from Virginia says Samsung has been unresponsive to his claims and were only interested in retrieving their phone back. Wesley Hartzog in South Carolina also had his garage burnt down as a result of the Note 7 catching fire and he and his two daughters had to take refuge at a friend’s house.

The complete cancellation of the Note 7 is costing the tech giant about $17 billion in revenue according to reports by Reuters. It seems Samsung is not willing to make that number rise by paying damages to some of its customers.


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