It seems the big South Korean Company Samsung is to draw an end to the production of their latest device Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for the sake of the safety of people.

The company released their much awaited bigger screen device Galaxy Note 7 in the mid of August for which many were eagerly waiting to discover something new in the table. But unfortunately, it came out with a battery problem that led to overheating issue and catches fire in the device.

Samsung To Close Down The Production Of Galaxy Note 7
Samsung To Close Down The Production Of Galaxy Note 7

After this incident was reported, Samsung issued a global recall of the device when more than half of the sold defective Note 7 were returned to them and around 90% people exchanged their device with a new model.

Bigger Screen Device of Samsung, Galaxy Note 7

But that too did not go well. Few reports were again there in the past few weeks the stated the replacement devices too are defective and they have battery overheating issue. Not just overheating but it caused something more dangerous than that where a teenage girl was hurt and another incident led to an evacuation in a Southwest Airlines flight.

So, it is now to see if the company plan for a second recall of the device. However, Samsung has stated that they are looking at the issue very seriously and investigating the total fact with third party experts and authorities. In case they find any severe issue to existing, it will make them follow immediate action guided by Consumer Product Safety Commission to resolve the issue permanently.

Samsung is really going through a bad time as this is the time when their rival too came up with their new devices such as Apple unveiled their iPhone 7 and recently Google launched their premium Smartphone Pixel.


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