Ad blocking has turned into a major point of conversation over the recent years, as a few sites have exceeded the limits of civility, and rather decided to bombard Internet users with a naughty measure of advertisements. Although Internet browsers for PCs have long had the way to block these unwanted nuisances, mobile browsers were still left open to fight for themselves when consuming content. While it did take some time, Apple initially reported its aim to offer ad blocking in its most recent iOS 9 update with many other platforms soon following. Presently, it appears that Samsung has enabled advertisement blocking on its ‘Samsung Internet’ mobile browser.

The update, which has landed on Samsung gadgets running Google’s most recent Marshmallow update, will now be able to block content. Those on more older versions of Android will need to wait a short time longer as Samsung will offer the feature on its “Lollipop” handsets in the coming months. If you don’t want to wait, you can take advantage of the AdBlock Plus or the AdBlock Plus browser that is available for Android.


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