Samsung has announced their second activity tracking wristband Samsung Gear Fit 2 recently that accompanied several improvements than its predecessor Samsung Gear Fit which was launched in 2014. The new activity tracker includes an updated design, a big 1.5 inch super AMOLED display, a built-in GPS in addition to the ability of recognizing certain activities automatically. The display is so big that everything is visible vertically and it does not require turning the display horizontally.

The wristband is very flexible to wear that is designed to measure the distances covered perfectly using GPS sensor and not just that rather this newly device is crafted to measure the standard range of health metrics such as sleep, step, heart rate and various activities. The addition of daily timeline view of daily activities is a great feature in this activity tracking wristband that is able to show you the entire map of your cycling route or running once the activity is finished.

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Gear Fit 2, Perfect Music Listening Device

Samsung has made their new Gear Fit 2 a perfect music listening device by partnering with Spotify. So, now it has to offer three options when it comes to listening to music. Users can use this wristband as a Bluetooth remote control in order to stream songs from another music app, can store 4GB music in the device or else can play Spotify app from the wristband. However, you will need a phone for this at least for now.

The battery life is also much better that can be alive for 3-4 days with typical usage while it can last up to 5 days in the standby mode.  Top of it, this Samsung Gear Fit 2 is available at just $179 that is cheaper than the original Samsung Gear Fit which is available at $199. Shipping will be started soon before the end of this year.


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