Samsung, one of the leading electronics company, is planning to release 22 curved TV sets as a part of its 2017 lineup despite plenty of criticism. Countless experts declared that the curved TVs have seen their end when both LG and Sony gave up on them this year. Surprisingly, Samsung has stuck with the idea and has decided to release a reasonable amount in the market again.

There was plenty of hype around curved televisions when they were first released but soon unsatisfied reviews started pouring in; consumers and reviews alike found the new design to be a gimmick. Curved televisions were criticized for taking a lot of place and have limiting viewing angles.

Samsung Releasing 22 Curved Television Sets this Year
Samsung Releasing 22 Curved Television Sets this Year

It also created awkward reflections that made it difficult and sometimes uncomfortable to watch. The design was supposed to give viewers a more immersive experience. Even though the TV gave the experience it promised but its limitation made it an inferior choice to flat TVs in the case of many customers.

It was expected that due to low demand of curved TV, we won’t be seeing them in the market in 2017. But it turns out that Samsung is the only premium manufacturer that will be offering them. It will be interesting to see if Samsung’s decision to release those 22 TVs turns out to be successful being the only manufacturer. Samsung is focusing on large screens for the curved televisions; 65 inches or bigger. It is also including at least one of the models in the top-tier QLED TV range.

Upon asking, a Samsung representative revealed why the company thinks that these 22 TV sets will not be a failure. He claimed that the market for large curved televisions has grown between 20 to 30 percent. This growth rate has given the company hope for acceptance towards curved TVs.


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