Android 8.0 Oreo has already made its way and users have accepted the new OS greatly. It came packed with numerous exciting features and all of them are geared towards the better user experience. A persistent Running in The Background notification is one such useful feature that helps you know what actually is happening on your device. This notification is displayed for each and every app that is running in the background and you can tap them to see the battery and data usage by this particular app.

While this is definitely a great addition to the Android 8.0 Oreo, but sometimes it becomes really annoying to see the same stuff again and again. And it happens especially for all those apps that need to run very frequently.

Get Rid Of The'Running In The Background' Notification On Android 8.0 Through A Simple App
Get Rid Of The ‘Running In The Background’ Notification On Android 8.0 Through A Simple App

However, there are always ways to get rid of this constant notification by using a solution like Tasker. But thankfully, there exists even a better solution than Tasker which can help you get rid of that notification promptly.

The app is called as Hide Running in The Background Notification and it nods off the notification for an extended period of time. The process to use this app is much simpler.

  • Download and install the app first.
  • Next, grant it the notification access and it will then immediately drive the annoying background messages. That’s it.

There are many advantages of using the Hide Running in The Background Notification app and these are:

  • It comes completely free.
  • It is open source
  • And finally, you do not have to root the phone for using this app.

So, no more irritation seeing the same background messages again and again. Just go ahead to install the Hide Running in The Background Notification app and everything will be taken care of by it.


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