Are there any ideas about how do you show people how to make use of an interface that’s either too small to see or maybe invisible? That is the problem Apple has been facing since Siri, the first mass market voice assistant has entered the market.

The splash page that provides suggestions for Siri, hasn’t been very kind to it. Whether is TV commercials, promotions through App Store or interviews you may or may not know about how much efforts have been put to get it further than just basic timer or weather inquiries.

Can Rock Help Siri Become The Most Popular Voice-First Interface?
Can Rock Help Siri Become The Most Popular Voice-First Interface?

In addition, lately, Apple has been trying to familiarize its users towards the notion that Siri signifies the several applications of Apple and that it has a lot more to offer than just being a vocal personality.

So, what Apple requires is to let people see how accomplished Siri is in order to help people on an everyday basis. And this time they are counting on Dwayne Johnson, the famous Rock from WWF, the action king of present times, and who knows maybe the future President too.

The three-minute long advertisement, which has been made together by Apple and Seven Bucks Productions, a production company founded by Dwayne and Dany Garcia, is beginning its journey on YouTube. This eye-catching commercial is like an episode, making it easy to expurgate it for TV viewing or applications.

The idea of the commercial is that Dwayne Johnson has a crazy timetable, made more difficult by some added list of “life goals” and he seeks Siri’s assistance to get all his work done. It moves forwards pretty fast, most of the parts are quite funny and all of it looks very endearing. The ad looks expensive, excluding the fact that how much Johnson would have been paid for this commercial as he was one of the top most paid actor in the world during 2016.

In spite of the previous anxieties regarding this advertisement is quite effective with its exhibit. The uses of Siri have been emphasized throughout the course of the advert, slightly incomprehensible but still beneficial.

Although there are a number of people that do not have a positive attitude towards voice first interfaces, it can be said that, sooner or later, their opinions are going to be an old news and Siri may be able to make public understand the utility of voice-first interfaces and convince them to involve them in their daily lives.


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