You talk about technology? Well, Roborace has shown technology its latest driverless electric car! In a conference in Barcelona, CEO Denic Sverdlov and Designer Daniel Simon unveiled their car “Robocar“.

In past few months, we all saw how the driverless car would like but we had no idea what it would be in real. The renders were not satisfying and curiosity was amongst every viewer.

Robocar, Driverless electric car unveiled
Robocar, Driverless electric car unveiled

Well, Robocar is surely a dream car! The unveiling has shown the perfect curves of the car with carbon fiber touch that makes all of us believe in future of motorsports!

Talking about its dimensions, the robocare is 4.5 meters long with a just 2-meter width that is more than Formula 1 Racer. The robocar works with 540 kW batteries with 300kW motors for running support. The average speed of this car would be around 320 KPH.

Since it’s driverless, we are surely looking at proper navigation here too. In order to navigate, a cacophony of sensors is used in this dream car that includes 2 radars with 4 laser radars too.

Also, it is equipped with 18 ultrasonic sensors, 2 optical speed sensors, and 6 driven cameras. Well, all these make this car a driverless car that is safe too! All the data and information is put into the car like we put data in our USBs.

The design of this car makes this car look extraordinary. Since the designer of this car had been the designer of science fiction movies including Tron and Captain America. The designer started his professional career back in 1999 in Volkswagen that led him to mark his work in 2011 in F111 Racer Hispania Formula 1 Car. While talking about its design,

Whilst pushing the boundaries of engineering, we styled every single part of the Robocar

Simon said.

We take special pride in revealing a functional machine that stays true to the initial concept, a rarity in automotive design and a testament to our determination. It’s a great feeling to set this free.


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