People from across the globe can participate in the Rio Olympics, 2016 without even having to be present to see the actual games. Google maps are taking the sports fanatics straight to Brazil which is now flooded with 500,000 tourists and about 11,000 athletes.

The company is looking to team with media organisations like YouTube and BBC to get the recent update about Olympics.

Globe Can Participate in The Rio Olympics

On searching keywords “Olympic Games Rio 2016” Google will display event information, country profiles, the biography of athletes and even medal tallies. Google is going to take the help of Google Maps so that the venue of games can be easily visited by the users through the digital mapping tool Street View.

More than The Rio Olympics: Google Maps Takes You Into The Favelas
More than The Rio Olympics: Google Maps Takes You Into The Favelas

A Closer Look at the Favelas

Wondering how to get a closer look at the grand even set against the milieu of favelas?

Behind the polished face of Rio all adorned for the Olympics 2016, there is a community of urban occupants who are often in the news for crime and poverty. Because of the disrepute of the favelas, the Brazilian government mostly leaves it out on the official maps.

The initiative taken by Google’s Art and Culture department has titled it “Beyond the Map” which documents the vivacious beat of life in this community. Favelas according to Google is not just a place – “they are a people”.

For the past two years, Google has been teaming up with other non-profit cooperatives to eventually map out this unmapped, enigmatic yet essential fragment of Rio’s city life. The plan’s main lounge is humble, to get public to see the favelas in an entirely new light. By providing them a place on the map, Google considers, the favelas are given individuality.

In order to know the true life of favelas, you need to go inside it.


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