Virtual Rick-ality is now available for HTC Vive and Oculus Touch. Owlchemy with the help of Roiland has created something which is much more improved and is having its playful nature. And the most interesting part of it is that it has a story which everyone would like to finish. There is no need of knowing much about Rick and Morty in order to get pleasure from the game. But you need to have an admiration for a bizarre and rudimentary sense of humor.

The game is like an extensive episode, with appearances by the supposed characters after regular intervals. Owlchemy developer Andrew Eiche told that while making this game, he thought that by doing an episode of Rick and Morty it would be a favor to its fans.

Rick and Morty is now in VR
Rick and Morty is now in VR

The greater part of Rick and Morty takes place in Rick’s garage which is turned into a laboratory. The room is divided into four compartments. You can “teleport” to the three of its quadrants which are analogous to other VR games. Almost everything which is not locked up to the ground can be picked up, toss, or interrelated with in some way. After the loss of the main puzzle element, you can always rearrange it from Rick’s computer.

The story is separated into nine or more chapters and you can switch between them anytime. Once the player finishes one chapter perfectly, it takes you automatically to the next one. Basic tricks are taught in each chapter which could be used in later chapters. Thus it’s useful to play a full game in one run.

Rick and Morty are able to achieve something that Job Simulator failed to get. This is well organized and it’s also having jokes and props from the show. Rick and Morty is one of the most pleasing games one can play in VR.


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