Microsoft Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced that the upcoming thriller Resident Evil 7 will support the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative. It means the owners of the Xbox One version can also play through Windows 10 store for free…and vice versa.

Phil Spencer tweeted: RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard confirmed for @Xbox Play Anywhere – buy once, play on both Xbox One & @Windows 10 PC.

Resident Evil for Xbox comes with a free PC copy
Resident Evil for Xbox comes with a free PC copy

The Capcom horror game is the first major third-party title to the support the Xbox Play Anywhere program, which has only been applied to big Microsoft titles, such as Forza Horizon 3, and Gears of War 4.

This also means, on the other hand, that players who own a ton of the hardware might have a tough decision to make the Resident Evil 7 is finally released next Tuesday.

While Play Anywhere computability is one of the strongest features in Xbox version, the PlayStation release is also compatible in PlayStation VR.

Yes! That’s another break!

“Do you like Resident Evil?” the helpful Sony booth assistant asked me. (Well, she said Biohazard, but let’s not split hairs.) “Sure,” I replied. “I’m glad!” she said. “But this one is really different. You don’t have a gun or anything — you just have to run away and hide.”

A player who tried the Resident Evil demo in the Tokyo Game Show trailer shares his experience on his personal blog,

I played the first demo, which sees you exploring a creepy old house, in the comfort of my own home. I don’t mind admitting I scare pretty easily with horror games, and playing them in a dark living room is the best way for that to happen; a crowded Tokyo Game Show floor isn’t quite the same experience. But this time around I was playing Resident Evil 7 with PlayStation VR, which does a pretty good job of blocking out raucous surroundings. I was a little fearful of checking out Resident Evil 7’s VR incarnation, though, and not just because of the horror. A lot of reports from E3 suggested that the game was making many players nauseous, and I had no reason not to believe them — I’ve played enough VR games with similar controls to similar effect, which is why most VR developers now avoid traditional first-person movement.

Seems like we will have a pretty exciting start to the gaming year of 2017. Let us know what do you expect from the upcoming thriller in the comments section below.


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