Are you a big fan of Resident Evil 7? Then get ready to enjoy the new direction of this game series Resident Evil 7 that is all set to hit the gaming world next January 2017. The game is being unveiled during Sony’s E3 2016 Press Conference which was accompanied with a demo as well. The demo showcased the survival horror rather than focusing on combat which is the main element of Resident Evil. So, the move surprised many people in the beginning. However, it has been discovered that the demo is entirely different from the main game and the demo is only to represent a new direction of the series.

Resident Evil 7- New series of the game

The Producer of Resident Evil 7 Confirmed That Combat Will Not Be Vanished From The Game.

Masachika Kawata, the producer of Resident Evil 7 confirmed in an interview that combat will not be vanished from the game rather it will be a gameplay mechanic in the game even though the demo does not show it. The main final game will include several game mechanics including combat whereas you might also enjoy some gun-play. He also stated that the game is not about gun blazing always and users can run away sometimes from the combat or else can go ahead to use some items against the enemies whatever seems advantageous.

Also, this game is based on first person perspective rather than the third person what is seen in the past series. The first person perspective is driven by the Resident Evil 7 concept that is the return of horror. The first person is the most useful and advantageous way of presenting horrors to the players during that time and this is why the game is based on first person perspective.

The game will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Also, PSVR is there to provide the ultimate fun in the game, however, VR support in any other platform is not confirmed yet.


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