According to many users that Google has tried to push their niche social platform Google+ quite for a long time and it reached to an extent sometimes which angered people a lot. But finally Google has realized that very few people actually care about Google+ and use it, so they have planned to abandon this service from Google Play Store like the need of having a Google+ account to post app reviews and the +1 button on the app pages.

So, thankfully now more and more users will be able to post their assessment on the app.

Requirement Of Google+ Account For Reviews In Play Store Is Eliminated
Requirement Of Google+ Account For Reviews In Play Store Is Eliminated

So, the latest change indicates that all without having a Google+ account can now post their reviews in Google Play that have made many users really happy. The earlier requirement that you have to have a Google+ account in order to post a review in Google Play was actually seen as an obstacle by many and this new change will result in more and more reviews in the Play store. However, that does not mean that Google+ will have an end now rather it will now be a bit less entangled with other Google services.

Google+ always remained less used and a bit more misunderstood social network unlike other popular platforms like Facebook or Twitter, but this is wrong to say that this service did not have any supporter.

As a result of the removal of Google+ from the Play Store, the +1 button on the app pages that are being linked with Google+ is also removed. But this change is not universal and comes in the wake of Google+ being brushed from other Google services.

So, keep posting as many reviews as you can in Play store as nothing is going to work as an obstacle now.


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