The Galaxy Note 7 has caused some plane delays, house fires, and even government investigations. But even with all such furore about how the device has been literally igniting and catching fire, Samsung engineers still have no clue as to why the device is behaving in such a manner.

The phone has now been effectively put out of production, and according to one The New York Times report, the company has deployed many of its engineers to address the problem, but they still don’t know why they are igniting.

A new report says that Samsung have no idea what is happening with the Note 7
A new report says that Samsung has no idea what is happening with the Note 7

The company has been able to get the devices catch fire in the laboratories, but in the real world, the number of flaming devices keeps rising. The company blamed the initial problem on one of their suppliers, but even with the replacement units, they are still facing a problem with them. The company had to issue out a full recall of the devices as a result.

The company is at the moment at blanks as to what might have caused the problem. The former director of the Center for Advanced Batteries at the Korea Electronics Technology Institute said that after speaking to the engineers for the company and reviewing their documents, the issue wasn’t entirely with the batteries.

Samsung Might Have Packed Too Much Into The Note 7

He said that maybe the batteries were not the main problem or there was even nothing wrong with them. He also said that the device was too complex therefore making it hard to pinpoint the problem in the first place. In their race against the iPhone, Samsung might have packed too much into the Note 7, Park said.

Samsung has now also banned emails amongst the testers, which has made it even harder for the engineers to communicate to each other about their findings and discoveries.

The company will be hit financially by the Note 7, and the company has already slashed their forecast for the third quarter by a third.


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