MOV is a multimedia file developed by Apple. You can play MOV files on Windows, Mac and even Android (using certain media players), hence, it is most used video format. And, one of the benefits of using MOV video file is it can be easily edited. After editing the video, no need to rewrite all media data.

Repair Corrupted and Unplayable MOV Files With Ease
Repair Corrupted and Unplayable MOV Files With Ease

Despite all its benefits, MOV video file format is prone to corruption. It easily gets corrupted if it is not used properly. Once the video gets damaged, you may face below-mentioned issues while using MOV file.

  1. Video becomes unplayable
  2. Shows playback issues
  3. Audio Video Sync problem
  4. No video or audio issue
  5. Various error messages

Here Are the Factors Responsible for Corruption of MOV File:

  1. Improper video conversion technique may render the corrupted MOV file
  2. You might use unreliable tool to recover your lost or deleted video files, which may result in a damaged MOV file
  3. MOV video might get corrupted if you saved it in corrupted storage media or virus infected devices
  4. Interruption which takes place while playing MOV video might lead to damaged video

They are plenty of other reasons too, due to which MOV file gets corrupted.

Repair Corrupted and Unplayable MOV Files With Ease

There are several video repair tools which help to repair QuickTime movie file in few steps. I will recommend Hi5 Software MOV Repair. I have used this tool and yes, it fixed my damaged MOV file in few simple clicks. An added advantage is that; it won’t alter your original MOV video.

Hi5 MOV Repair Software-Features:

  • Software comes handy in fixing MOV and MP4 files
  • Damaged, broken, and truncated MOV video will be fixed easily
  • Offers demo version to check the capabilities of the tool
  • Fixes MOV files on various versions of Windows OS as well as Mac OS X
  • Provides round the clock technical assistance

How to Use Hi5 MOV Repair Software?

Step 1: Download and install Hi5 MOV Repair Software. Launch the software after completion of the installation process.

Step 2:  When the main window appears, browse and select your damaged MOV file which has to be fixed using “BROWSE” button

Step 3: After selecting the corrupted file, you have to click on the “REPAIR” button to begin the repair process

Step 3: Soon after completion of scanning process, you will be able to preview your repaired MOV file using “Preview” option.

Final Point:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

It is good to follow simple measures which can keep your MOV file safe from corruption issue, like keeping multiple copies of the video, using reliable software to convert or recover MOV file, saving your MOV video into a device which is free from corruption, and many more.

In case, MOV video gets corrupt even after following precautions, then don’t think anything, just download and start using Hi5 MOV Repair Software.

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