On May 2nd Warerplai, LLC launched its Kickstarter campaign to introduce gamers to a bold new gaming concept for augmented reality (AR) games using a series of t-shirts and a free mobile app built for both iPhones and Androids. Reign of Cthulhu is built on the patent-pending WarePlai AR gaming platform, by accessing clothing, artifacts, and real-world locations to bring people together and help revolutionize AR and mobile app gameplay to build communities.

Reign of Cthulhu: Changing AR Gaming One T-Shirt At a Time
Reign of Cthulhu: Changing AR Gaming One T-Shirt At a Time


Thousands of years ago, an armistice was signed and the war between the “Deep Ones“, Cthulhu and Soggoth ended. R’ylah, the battleground where so much glory was won, but so many lives lost, was buried and sunken in order to spare the world from the artifacts, the monsters, and the weapons left over from the trauma of war.

Today, parts of the sunken city are reappearing in our world, and the “Deep Ones” and their armies are threatening humanity once again. Players must choose to fight in one of three armies; to help, fight, or perhaps even exploit these new powers and the rise of the sunken city of R’ylah.


The Reign of Cthulhu mythos is a shared fictional universe based on the work of 1920’s American sci-fi/horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Reign of Cthulhu builds on Lovecraft’s vast body of work creating a new world, new characters and a new storyline rooted in a rich, well-established universe that is filled with suspense and horror.


In Reign of Cthulhu, players team together in cooperative Boss Battles or fight each other head-to-head in a turn-based strategy game. The territory is won by laying down portals that summon creatures, minions, and ancient heroes – all in the effort to reign supreme. All of this happening in AR.

Reign of Cthulhu will revolutionize mobile gameplay by allowing players to use their t-shirts to see each other’s win-loss record, special artifacts, and game data in AR as well as activate new levels along with mobile devices to explore their everyday environment.

Players will discover portals, which act as doorways in and out of R’ylah, travel light paths with creatures and wary travelers, and guard against ancient evils which are waiting to permanently crossover.


Once the app is downloaded, players can use AR to scan the world around them for other players, arenas, and combatants living behind the portals.

Reign of Cthulhu integrates everyday items with augmented reality in order to completely revolutionize the gaming experience.

Every T-shirt is a portal; inside every portal is a new world of characters and adventures waiting to be played. Multiplayer combat arenas open up between each player. The real world transforms into an augmented reality battlefield as big as a room or as small as a kitchen table, placing you in the middle of the action.


Reign of Cthulhu was designed and developed by gaming industry veterans with over 20 years of expertise earned by work on multiple AAA titles for Blizzard, Activision, Sony, DreamWorks, including Diablo, Warcraft, and Starcraft franchises.

Reign of Cthulhu developers conceptualized a fully realized augmented reality game that includes virtual arenas, creatures, and powers that seamlessly blend with real-world apparel and accessories.

Reign of Cthulhu brings tangible value to virtual play. For more information visit www.reignofcthulhu.com and or  www.wareplai.com

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