The famous Paint App is being redesigned by Microsoft and it is now designed such a way that goes hand in hand with the Windows 10 version.

The newly designed Paint App will be loaded with so many amazing features to help users create much interesting stuff while it will also carry the features of the regular Paint app.

The Redesigned Paint App For Windows 10 From Microsoft Is Really Good
The Redesigned Paint App For Windows 10 From Microsoft Is Really Good

A video launched of this Paint Preview app reveals that the Paint tool will have support for a 3D object which is a completely new addition by Microsoft.

This will allow users create any 3D objects while those can be annotated easily. A bunch of markers, art tools etc will help to create the  3D objects while the brush can be used on those objects to do the require modification or changes. All these tools are also touched friendly along with an interface that mix up the 2D images, stickers, 3D models etc for 3D content. As of now the company is in the testing phase and testing alpha version of Paint app which can be soon released in public for Windows 10 version.

Microsoft is planning to conduct a special event in New York on 26th October where they will probably reveal a new Surface device that is being expected to be an all in one desktop PC. Microsoft made this announcement and hours after that announcement the video of Paint app was released. The company is now working on software and hardware to enhance the performance of the new desktop PC and most probably the new Paint app will also be included in this new device.

However, few more days to go for the event that is said to be held on October 26th, so till then we can’t’ do anything but wait.


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