The CEO for popular social media network, Reddit, Steve Huffman has taken some steps to apologize for the deletion of comments made on the social network about him by Donald Trump supporters trolls. The CEO has also home a step further and is announcing a new change which will be seen on the website.

In the post in which he writes about the announcement and his apology, Huffman says that he is profoundly sorry and he knows he messed up Thanksgiving and vows not to do it again. However, he also debuts a new feature which allows users to be able to filter posts on their r/all page on their subreddits and went a step further to show a video of how users of the social media platform would be able to access the feature.

Reddit CEO launches new features for filtering
Reddit CEO launches new features for filtering

At the time of the announcement, the feature is only applicable to the desktop version, but according to Huffman, the feature will be activated on all the devices and accounts no matter where you are accessing the network from.

Huffman also managed to address the fiasco about him in which he went to edit some comments which had been made about him and had led to an angry part of the fans to call for his resignation. In his explanation of why what he did was wrong, Huffman explains, While many users across the site found what I did funny, or appreciated that I was standing up to the bullies (I received plenty of support from users of r/the_donald), many others did not. I understand what I did has greater implications than my relationship with one community, and it is fair to raise the question of whether this erodes trust in Reddit.

Huffman also managed to announce new changes which include actions which are being taken towards the r/donald page. Moderators are also being pushed to take action against toxic users and apply some punishment which ranges from warnings to permanent bans from the site.


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