HD video files are precious media files containing entertaining, inspiration, action-packed and funny video content. It is best to produce a high-definition video of our projects instead of an SD one. Though preparing an HD video file(s) requires some extended work, but the outcome of the video content is delightful. In short, HD videos are thousand times better than SD videos. Wonder, how useful your YouTube channel will become once you start uploading HD quality videos of your projects?

After all, you should always aim to improve your customer user-experiences.

Recovery of corrupt HD Videos with handy repair utility
Recovery of corrupt HD Videos with handy repair utility

Prevent HD Video Corruption

Once you have shot an HD quality video having either an MOV or MP4 video format, you must know some basic methods to safeguard your HD video files from corruption. Below is a useful list of those preventive measures you must take care of:

  1. Handle your device correctly: Your DSLR is an asset, and you must take care of it. After having shot the HD video, you must ensure that the memory storage device is properly ejected out from the DSLR. If you don’t keep the SD card into DSLR in idle states, then keep the SD card enclosed in its plastic case.
  2. Make your Computer Virus-Free: Before initiating the HD video file transferring process, it is recommended to scan your computer with an anti-virus program to eradicate malware, threats or Trojans. You never know, when a malicious program might corrupt your precious HD video files.
  3. Allow safe transfer of HD Video: Make sure you transfer the HD video file properly from your DSLR’s SD Card to your computer’s hard drive. Use a trusted card reader for your Windows (Mac) machine or keep the laptop mounted SD card reader dust-free. Just like the 1stpreventive measure, here too you need to safely eject your SD card when transfer task is completed successfully. Don’t interrupt the HD video transfer process otherwise, you will end up corrupting the HD Video files on each device.
  4. Backup your HD Videos: Always backup your HD videos files to more than one storage devices.

Repair HD Video Files with a Utility

It will certainly be an irony if your HD videos files get corrupted even after applying all the available preventive measures. There always exist loopholes that can penetrate all the defense mechanisms and result in the HD video file corruption. Though high-definition videos corruption is inevitable, and there already exists a utility called as Stellar Phoenix Video Repair software that repairs HD MOV and HD MP4 video files. Additionally, it performs smooth repair of standard definition videos of having file formats – M4A, WMV, ASF, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, 3GP and F4V files. Great, isn’t?

HD Video Repair Utility Steps

Step 1) Download, Install the copy of the software (available for Windows and Mac)

Step 2) Upload all the corrupt videos (HD or SD), just like the below

HD Video Repair Utility Steps - 2

Step 3) Press the Repair button and monitor the process

HD Video Repair Utility Steps - 3

Step 4) Preview your HD video after the repair has been done

HD Video Repair Utility Steps - 4

Step 5) Save back your fixed HD videos

HD Video Repair Utility Steps - 5
HD Video Repair Utility Steps – 5

After the 5th step, you will reclaim your HD videos which were once corrupt, damaged, unplayable, etc. The software mentioned above is cost efficient when compared to an online HD video repair services. Moreover, the demo allows the user to evaluate the software completely before making the purchase decision. Towards the closing of this article, we hope you never have to face HD video corruption however if and when you encounter such a corruption then you know which software to trust on.


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