Spyro the Dragon, a very popular franchise will complete their 20th anniversary this coming September and this is when the remaster of this series is planned to announce. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy is another popular franchise that is been remastered by Activision and it is true that the remaster has gained huge success. And it is assumed that this success of N.Sane trilogy inspiring other games to go for a remaster.

According to a report Activision is all set to remaster the Spyro the Dragon Trilogy which is Spyro The Dragon, Spyro: Year Of the Dragon and Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage. The remaster will be announced by the next month, March 2018 while it will be released by the third quarter of the year, on September.

Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Remaster
Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Remaster

The trilogy remasters will include several improvements such as integration of new assets, animations, lighting, cinematic etc. It will also include a remastered soundtrack while it is also said that all that content that was cut from the original game will be included in the remaster. So, the new remastered trilogy will definitely differ a lot from the original game and will see various improvements.

The remastered game will be available only on the PlayStation 4 as of now and availability on other platforms will be added later on. So, this is definitely a good news for all the PS4 owners. However, do not worry even though you do not have one as the remaster trilogy will soon be made available on other platforms as well.

The date of the release is not yet disclosed other than hinting the third quarter as release time. Anyways, the announcement will soon be made by the company which will clear everything. In the meantime, we will update you definitely with the latest update available.

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