Rainbow Six Siege released over a year and is going stronger continuously increasing the player base offering tournaments of high profile. Now, Rainbow Six Siege is releasing a free version from February 2 – 5 for you to discover the strategy, speed and its matches on all platforms.

The Rainbow Six Siege free version offers access to all modes, maps, and Operators in the full version, to experience full Siege over the free weekend. The fun begins on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC from February 2 (via Uplay and Steam). It is real time to gear up and to breach.

Play Rainbow Six Siege for free for a few days, starting from today
Play Rainbow Six Siege for free for a few days, starting from today

And if you wish to continue playing even after February 5, this is the right time you can grab at a 50% discount the full version for a limited time. This means you now get it for $25.

Details of the Rainbow Six Siege Free Version

Here are the details of the free version availability on each platform:

Details of Free Weekend on Rainbow Six Siege:

  • On February 5 PC — From ET 1 PM through 4 PM ET
  • On February 6 PS4 — From ET 1 PM through 1 PM ET
  • Xbox One — From ET 3:01 AM on February 2 through 2:59 AM ET on February 6

Important Points

Console players must have Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus to take part. The PC version is available on Steam and Uplay. To play on PlayStation 4, visit the product page of Rainbow Six Siege on the PlayStation Network.

However, to play online, PlayStation Plus membership is mandatory. Likewise, Xbox Live Gold membership is also a must if you wish to play online after February 6.

The Rainbow Six Siege next free expansion, Operation Velvet Shell, is anticipated to arrive on February 7. This will include a new map, Coastline, and new characters: Jackal and Mira.



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