Qualcomm has unveiled their new Snapdragon wear 1100 chip targeted for the wearable device in the recent Computex trade show held on 30th May in Taiwan. This chip is mainly targeted at devices such as kid and elderly watches, Smart headsets, fitness trackers and other wearable accessories. This new Snapdragon-wear 1100 is the extended version of Snapdragon wear 2100 Soc that was launched by Qualcomm in early February.

The recent wear is designed with high-quality features to run on targeted software environment such as Linux and for this purpose, it includes an integrated application processor. Also, it includes a cat 1 modem, support voices, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Qualcomm iZat location engine is incorporated in the chip so as to enhance accuracy and optimize power through useful features such as cell-ID positioning, multi-GNSS etc.  Also, it has the ability to handle applications that make use of geofencing in order to safety monitoring.

Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 1100 chip

Apart from these, this wear chip is also designed with hardware cryptographic engine, TrustZone and HW random number generator which all together offer a highly secure environment to the consumers.

Qualcomm, the big chip manufacturing company started their wearable chip division just two years back in 2014 and as of now there are around 100 wearable devices that utilize Qualcomm’s technology which is really a big achievement. The company also said that 80% of their market share is on devices that especially run on Android software.

Snapdragon Wear 1100 Chip is Highly Optimized

Snapdragon-wear 1100 chip is highly optimized for power, size, connectivity, sensor, and location so wearable accessories employing this chip will no doubt make it a high-end device that will be able to run on low power. Overall this chip is a great set of modular capabilities wrapped with gesture control, 3G/LTE and interactive apps to provide the best performance.

Qualcomm has made this chip commercially available and started shipping.


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