World’s largest mobile chip maker Qualcomm and the California based highly reputed Smartphone manufacturer Apple is involved in a legal battle since quite long and this fight expands again with Qualcomm filing a new lawsuit against Apple in the Chinese court. In this new lawsuit, Qualcomm has sought the ban of iPhone sales and manufacturing in China.

This battle started off quite long back in January in the US while Apple filed a lawsuit first stating that Qualcomm is charging an excessive licensing fee for their technologies that are used by the mobile devices. However, as per Qualcomm, Apple is not able to recognize all other technologies that go into the components.

Qualcomm Seeks iPhone Sales Ban In China - The Legal Battle Continues
Qualcomm Seeks iPhone Sales Ban In China – The Legal Battle Continues

Here is the detail crux of the battle:

Qualcomm created a technology that is utilized to connect the phones with cellular networks. So, they earn a good amount of profit by licensing this technology to most of the Smartphone manufacturers. This mobile chip maker owns the patents of the 3G and 4G phones. , all those phone manufacturers that use the 3G or 4G networks to connect their devices, should pay an amount to Qualcomm as the licensing fee. And it does not matter whether the Smartphone uses the Qualcomm chips or not. And this is where the battle started. As per Apple, they are not using the Qualcomm chips but Qualcomm is charging too much for them as the licensing fee.

The initiative of battle was first carried on by Apple in January. Next, it was in July when Qualcomm filed a lawsuit stating Apple has violated their six patents and the new lawsuits say that Apple is in violation of three patents.

However, Apple too is not behind in the race and they had claimed all these lawsuits as meritless. They have further added that all their efforts will fail definitely and the patent Qualcomm is talking about is issued very recently. These were not stated during the negotiation.

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