With every new GPU that Nvidia launches, it has kept on improving their performance. The GPU of Nvidia is based on the amazing Pascal architecture. The recent GPU of Nvidia is the Quadro P6000. It promises to deliver as many as twelve teraflops of single-precision performance.

Last week, Titan X was unveiled which can deliver eleven teraflops of performance. Quadro P6000 boasts of beating Titan X with one teraflop. The P6000 is particularly manufactured for powerful workstations that are used for important tasks like applying special effects and editing HD video.

P6000 will also be extremely helpful for CAD/CAM applications that are used mainly by engineers. Workstations have greater memory capacity and powerful components when compared to normal desktop PCs.

Quadro P6000, The Fastest GPU by Nvidia
Quadro P6000, The Fastest GPU by Nvidia

The new GPU, Quadro P6000 was announced on Monday in Anaheim, California. The details of availability and pricing were not declared. Quadro P6000 supports 432 Gbps of memory bandwidth and has 24 GB of RAM.

It has four 1.4 slots of DisplayPort and supports resolutions up to 5K at 60Hz and 4K at 120 Hz. For the purpose of rendering faster 3D video, it has internal pipelines.

Quadro P6000 is Faster Than The Earlier GPU

Nvidia announced in a blog post that the new GPU, Quadro P6000 is faster than the earlier GPU launched by Nvidia. However, nothing has been mentioned yet about the performance figures.

The latest GPU of Nvidia will prove to be a boon for high powered workstations. Right now, the fastest GPU of Nvidia is Quadro P6000. Its predecessor was Quadro M6000. However, it can be predicted that a faster supercomputing chip will follow soon, which will be better than Quadro P6000.

The workstation market is dominated by Quadro chips of Nvidia. Rival company AMD will most probably announce their new competing products soon. Powerful workstations can stay satisfied with Quadro P6000 for some time as it can easily drive four 4K screens and packs 24 GB of memory.


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