It seems the real world got a bit more inclined to push button as Amazon, the giant online retail store has recently included AWS IoT Button on their website for sale that is the customizable version of Amazon Dash buttons.

These Dash buttons can take company’s one-click order quasi-offline while users can order for each and every product starting from toilet paper, pet food, beverages, and all other things just through a simple press on the internet connected button.

AWS IoT Button

The logic that works behind this idea is that users will attach the tiny button wherever the product is being stored and in case they are running low, just a small press on the physical button will indicate that your order is in progress.

This AWS IoT Button is a programmable Wi-Fi device based on Amazon’s Dash button hardware and this can be configured and designed with ease by the developers to get started with it. Till date, Amazon has offered a lot more buttons for various purposes but the one that can be created as per your choice was truly missed for long days.

This button will be in Amazon stock from May 15th and is available at just $19.95. According to the Amazon website, this AWS Ios Button will allow you to do each and everything you have ever imagined such as opening the garage door, managing home appliances, calling a cab, spouse or customer representatives and more.

With introducing this button to the market Amazon is undoubtedly taking the future of push button technology one step ahead whereas some other companies are also thinking along the same lines to adopt this technology. IFTTT is one such startup that does not offer physical button certainly but it has allowed its users for creating a single purpose icon on their phone that can be set to say or send words like ‘running late’ to the official chat room or to their spouse in need.


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