The IP address is an important part of the internet that indicates your ID in the digital space and also says that you are present on the internet. But it is really vital to ensure that this IP address stays out of reach from the hackers, spammers, and snoopers. Once they get access to the IP address, it will result in interruption of your privacy. So, we all should ensure that the IP address remains hidden perfectly. There are few proven ways to hide your IP address and the best methods are explained here.

Proven Ways To Stay Harmless Online
Proven Ways To Stay Harmless Online

Method 1: Use VPN

VPN or Virtual private network service is definitely the best way to stay safe online. It smartly conceals the IP address and shows another address to the entire world thus keeping you perfectly safe from the hand of hackers. VPN services are also effective for other reasons as well such as speedy internet connection, secure connection, usability and more.

Also, it is important how we set up our browsers to stay online safe and here are useful few tips.

Method 2: Proxy Server

Another best ways to hide your IP address is by using the proxy server. Proxy server route the connection through a different server thus making it really tough for others to track down the IP address. All the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox etc. offer proxy servers and you can easily find out one from the pool of proxy server to stay safe online.

Method 3: Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one more effective way to conceal the IP address. This is a free software which uses encrypted data to offer the best security and protection to your data. So when it comes to hiding the IP address the best way, Tor Browser is definitely a good option to look for.

Method 4: Use Public Wi-Fi

Another way to stay anonymous online by hiding your IP address is to make use of the public wifi as much as possible.

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